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1Linz, Österreich1. January 2015
2Vaz/Obervaz, Schweiz23. February 2015
3Steyregg, Österreich1. March 2015
4Linz, Österreich29. March 2015
5Bressanone, Italia15. April 2015
6Bolzano, Italia16. April 2015
7Piombino Dese, Italien19. April 2015
8Venezia, Italien22. April 2015
9Kastraki, Griechenland27. April 2015
10Ormos Prinou, Griechenland8. May 2015
11Alexandroupolis, Griechenland15. May 2015
12Evros, Griechenland23. May 2015
13Istanbul, Türkei26. May 2015
14Istanbul, Türkei29. May 2015
15Istanbul, Türkei1. June 2015
16Akçakoca, Türkei8. June 2015
17Akçakoca, Türkei8. June 2015
18Amasra, Türkei11. June 2015
19Trabzon, Türkei22. June 2015
20Täbris, Iran30. July 2015
21Astara, Iran30. July 2015
22Fouman, Iran30. July 2015
23Teheran, Iran30. July 2015
24Isfahan, Iran30. July 2015
25Alam-Kuh, Iran30. July 2015
26Maschhad, Iran30. July 2015
27Mary welaýaty, Turkmenistan4. August 2015
28Türkmenabat, Turkmenistan4. August 2015
29Bukhara, Usbekistan6. August 2015
30Samarkand, Usbekistan15. August 2015
31Denov, Usbekistan28. August 2015
32Kalaikhum, Tadschikistan1. October 2015
33Eshkashem, Tadschikistan5. October 2015
34Berg-Badachschan, Tadschikistan8. October 2015
35Sarytasch, Kirgisistan11. October 2015
36Kaxgar, China18. October 2015
37Lanzhou, China18. October 2015
38Gannan Zangzuzizhizhou, China18. October 2015
39Chengdu, China27. October 2015
40Lijiang, China16. November 2015
41Puer Shi, China16. November 2015
42Louangphabang, Laos5. December 2015
43Vientiane, Laos20. December 2015
44Ko Tao, Thailand15. January 2016
45Palawan, Philippines8. February 2016
46Christchurch, New Zealand12. February 2016
47Slope Point, New Zealand10. March 2016
48Te Anau, New Zealand31. March 2016
49Westport, New Zealand12. April 2016
50Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand28. April 2016

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