Happy Birthday


Auf Magdalenas zweitem Bild ist mehr Action. Links das riesige Gesicht einer Katze, Martina mit - deutscher, sorry - Flagge radelt im Vordergrund (Nase, Ohren :-)) Über ihr tobt ein Gewitter mit Donnerblitzen (schwarz) und Lichtblitzen (gelb), im Hintergrund ein schwarzer Mond (black moon rising) und eine Sonne. Turning 30 is commonly considered as a big change, it’s the beginning of a new chapter of one’s life. The wild twenties are definitely over and you are supposed to be more settled down with a regular life. Currently without permanent residence or job I somehow have the feeling I failed in terms of that. But on the other hand I was never happier in my life. Living this dream, intensively experiencing every single day on this adventure is something so precious I would not trade for all the riches in the world. And every bit as precious are the people who share this journey with me and who made this day for me special by giving me the most valuable gift ever: a little bit of their time to share or to tell me they are thinking of me, making their best to let me forget that I already miss them all a lot 🙂

Thank you all so much for your lovely wishes and especially to Gui, who really gave his best to make this day a perfect day, even with cake and candle to make a wish for an exciting future!

BDay cake 2 BDay cake 1 BDay cake 3








2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. I think, you can say in 50 years, which decade was a bigger change and which was just minor. So as i read your blog your life sounds pretty good to me and you are into it. Words like “settling”, “regular life” or even “wild 20s” are just well known phrases.

    Enjoy your trip and Turkey!

    PS: on a bicycle tour i wanted to go first to Anadolu Fener and then to Riva. I think, i discovered the same military area 🙂 which i also hat to surround. There are many of them.

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