Bike Transformation

Once again we were back in Bangkok, but this time should be the last one ^^ We haven’t been on our bikes now for a while and to be honest we were missing them a lot! Thanks to Phil they came through the separation well and we were really happy to eventually enfold them in our arms 🙂 But there was not much time for cloying sentimentality, we had a lot to do in the next days to get them ready for their first plane ride – destination New Zealand!

One full Day of Cleaning

It took us one full day of most painstaking cleaning to ensure that neither the Australian nor the New Zealand customs would retain our bikes in quarantine for six months and to disassemble them to make them fit in the required boxes with strictly limited dimensions. Since we had a baggage limitation of 30kg including the bikes, it took us nearly another full day to go through all our stuff and separate them in one pile we can’t live without and a “maybe” pile, that in the end we had to give completely to other travelers or send home.

But the really tricky part was waiting ahead of us. At the airport they refused to let us check-in before we wouldn’t have an Australian visa since our transit in Sydney would take longer than 8 hours – bam, 90€ per person! The next unpleasant surprise didn’t take long, no check-in before we didn’t have a return flight – another 300€. Plus the additional baggage fee, the whole process summed up to nearly 650€ – pew 🙁 Nevertheless we were really happy when we boarded the plane – luckily without weighting our carry-on luggage!

On arrival in Christchurch, after enduring two hours of baggage checks, at 3 o’clock in the morning we weren’t allowed to sleep on the floor in the waiting area (although sitting would have been alright). Completely jet-lagged and full of adrenaline because our bikes actually arrived, we directly started assembling our bikes. At sunrise we were ready to continue our journey in New Zealand!! 🙂

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  1. Wow, so glad you made it to NZ. Enjoy the mountains and forests and quiet roads. Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

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