Akҫakoca – Amasra

Erigli tourist boatAfter this marvelous luxury day we were heading further east along the coast to Eregli where the biggest steel factory of Turkey and the military zone beside it provided a quite ugly and repellent welcome. But once you passed this polluted industrial area the town presented itself with a lovely and green beach promenade where we found lots of booths selling cotton candy – yum-yum 🙂 – and the first cycling way so far! Additionally we found a friendly a yacht club that allowed us to use their facilities and setup our tent directly on their pier where we could watch the coming and going of the brand new sailing boats and the army’s submarine training until the sun sank into the sea.

Since the local people have told us that the way to Zonguldak is really shitty, crowded with multiple tunnels we decided to take a bus to Bartin after an unsuccessful two our try to hitchhike. When we arrived in Bartin and had just finished to load our bikes we discovered that Martina’s Kindle was missing, what a disaster! (she already read 7 books since the beginning, what a gain of weight if we would have to carry all of them!) We rushed into the office and tried to explain them, once again more pantomimic than with words, what happened. But it was hopeless until we found a guy with a smartphone. Thanks to google translate they finally  understood our excitement and started to make several phone calls, sometimes even one on each ear. The result was that we were wordlessly pushing us and our fully loaded bike in an empty bus and before we knew what’s happening we found ourselves on the way to Amasra, luckily our next target anyway.

After half an hour drive on the curvy road to Amasra that had more resemblance with a go-kart race the bus driver suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere, a guy entered the bus and handed over the Kindle to us. This time we were speechless, how did this miracle just happen?!

Amasra centerWithout further stops or passengers the bus was continuing speeding to Amasra, a lovely old town in a narrow bay with light blue water, two small offshore islands, connected with stone bridges, that hold the ruins of an ancient Roman fort and a well-preserved historical city center.

Unfortunately the town didn’t offer any place for our tent and all the people we asked were pointing us to a place between the bus terminal and the local waste dump, not really attractive…

Party at Emins placeDesperately we stopped to have dinner in a small restaurant with a great view on the whole page. It didn’t take long until Emin, the boss of the restaurant, a fisherman and a former army captain, came on our table to chat with us. Several glasses of ҫay – and wine for him – later he offered us to setup our tent on his terrace. Gladly we accepted his hospitable offer and when he then invited some more friends over we spent an entertaining evening all together with lots of raki until late after midnight.

3 thoughts on “Akҫakoca – Amasra”

  1. 😊 so lucky you are (especialy for the Kindle..!!!)
    Kisses from Paris (tonigth : diner with friends at Bastille on a Boat…)

  2. Liebe Martina!
    Cher Gui!

    Ich freue mich jedesmal über Eure plastischen Reiseberichte!
    Ich ertappe mich oft bei dem Gedanken: das hätte ich auch einmal machen sollen.
    Durch Eure lebendigen Reiseschilderungen kann man beinahe mitreisen!
    Danke dafür! Alles Gute und noch viele schöne Begegnungen und Eindrücke! Christian

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