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What Guillaume says about Martina:

track brakeMartina, the amazing Tyrolean, with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing everything with since 2011, is the third (ex-equo with her twin sister) of a 4 child family, who grew up close to the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck. 
Spending her childhood surrounded by mountains gave Martina a deep bond with nature and her roots but at the same time her longing for adventures and discovering foreign worlds was growing. Being athletic, Martina is always ready for anything to do with sports. She’s curious, gorgeous, interesting, amazing, awesome! 🙂

Our first summer holidays were spent on our first bike trip along the Danube River. We searched to find a recumbent bike for her, and after 1 km, she loved it! This is so Martina, when she likes something, she really goes for it! So with no further training, we put our bags in our bikes and started a 4 week trip along the Danube, covering 1300km, from the source in Donauseschingen to Budapest. This was a test for us, to see if we could do something a bit longer and more adventurous… And three years later, here we are on the trip of our life!

What Martina says about Guillaume:

Since Gui was little he was dreaming about crossing our entire continent only powered by the strength of our own body. And when he bought his first recumbent bike 5 years ago it was clear that this will be the means of transport of his choice! It’s not only more aerodynamic and ergonomic but most important it’s sooo comfortable 🙂

Travelling along the famous Silk Road, exploring new countries and cultures, immersing into different worlds became our common dream and I couldn’t imagine a better accompany than Gui.

When I met Gui for the first time I was immediately charmed by his unique and wonderful character. He is an extremely empathic and gentle person that never hesitates to give a helping hand.

Gui’s entire nature is characterized by an imperturbable optimism and he is consequently following his dreams. His energy reserves seem to be inexhaustible and even in the most difficult situations he somehow always finds a way to make me smile and due to his creativity and his kind and open minded way it never takes long until he comes up with a solution. Thanks to his extraordinary craftsmanship he manages to literally repair everything, a really handy quality on a trip like this 🙂

In a nutshell: He is my best friend, the love of my life and my (mobile) home!

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