The last months passed by really fast and here we are, we finally go for our recumbent trip in two months !!!


It sounds so easy to just leave for a while but it’s actually tons of work to free yourself from the bonds of your every day life. We spent the last months with giving up our beautiful nest and moving to Kathi (Martina’s twin sister) who had the generosity and patience to give us shelter for our last months, quitting millions of contracts for all the things you can’t imagine to live without and fighting against the bureaucracy of Austria’s health insurance system.

DCIM100GOPROMartina made much progress for our trip planing between her last long days at work.  I had a quite busy February teaching in the swiss mountains and trying to help her as much as I can… The separation for the winter season was really hard this time, especially for organising everything. But at least Martina could come to enjoy powder 😉

In the last weeks we also purchased mostly of the missing spare parts, signed a travel insurance, quit the phone contract,  ordered our new credit cards,  get our last vaccinations and so on. We feel stressed to don’t forget to do something and at the same time really exited to start soon. It’s a mix of doubt, motivation, confusion and amusement.